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FirstClass® Client 11.063 Product ReadMe for Windows
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Copyright 2012
Open Text Corporation

The FirstClass client is the graphical front-end software to connect to FirstClass servers. It is designed for use with FirstClass 11.1 and has the trusted communication and collaboration functions of previous FirstClass client products.

You are free to install and distribute this software providing it is distributed in its entirety and no modifications are made. All other rights are reserved by Open Text Corporation.

What you will find in this document:

A. Contact Information
B. Requirements
C. Installation
D. New Product Features and Enhancements
E. Notices

A. Contact Information

FirstClass Division, Open Text Corporation

B. Requirements

System Requirements

C. Installation

1. Download the attached client installer file into a temporary folder.
2. Double-click the file and follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

D. New Product Features and Enhancements

The new client features and fixes (since FirstClass Client 11.059) are listed in this section.

New Features
  • [Mac OS X] Mac client now shows the number of unread items in mailbox in the dock icon while the client is connected.
  • Removed Work Offline button from login screen.
  • Show resume to use new way of processing the request.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix for login screen not appearing when there is no home.fc.
  • Summarize selected messages now breaks properly between messages even when messages have corrupt tables.
  • Fixed random crash when closing messages.
  • Fixed About dialog title in German localization.
  • Fixed copy and paste e-mail addresses from the sender's name.
  • Collaborate -> List Directory it will just simply move the focus to the CC field.
  • Edit->Insert shows deleted signatures.
  • Closing new messages in conference deletes selected items.
  • Fix for creating an item with a blank name and adding to message body causing a crash.
  • Tabbing to next cell in table starts text in italics.
  • Add Signature + Apply, will revert to default signature.
  • Fix for downloads not working after deleting the folder containing the last downloaded file.
  • Fix for mailto links not working.
  • Fix for slow spell check issue with My Documents redirection.
  • Fix for issue with calendar event form not working properly when created from an email using "Attach to calendar event".
  • Fix for drive kept open after downloading from client.
  • Better notification is shown to users when trying to export chat.
  • [Mac OS X] Fixed all cases of spell checker only outline highlighting when drawing the selection in the editor.
  • [Mac OS X] Fix for &nbsp not cut from pasted email address from Safari.
  • [Mac OS X] Mac client now uses the iOS TCP stack. This change helps the client detect low level network interuptions much more quickly than the old stack.

E. Notices

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Certain features and products described in this document may not currently be available in all geographic regions. Distribution or reproduction of this document in whole or in part must be in accordance with the terms of the License Agreement.

FirstClass, OpenText and the associated logos used herein are trademarks of Open Text Corporation and/or its subsidiary used under license.

All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

This edition applies to Release 11.1 of FirstClass and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions. This document is bound by international copyright law and the FirstClass Software License Agreement and Limited Warranty included with every FirstClass product.

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